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A magical Christmas Eve

I know it may be a little early to chat about Christmas Eve but I wanted to share with you these super cute Christmas Eve kits for children. Being a Mummy I love the magic and excitement of Christmas Eve. The tradition of putting out your stocking and leaving a little treat for Santa and Rudolph is always special. Little ones running around super excited about Santa coming down the chimney and leaving lots of lovely presents or them.

I know this magic will only last a few years and I want to hold on to it for as long as I can. This is where the idea for the Christmas Eve kits came about. My daughter always likes to write a little note to Santa and leave it with his treats.

The set comprises of a letter with large spaced out lines especially for little ones to write on, a cute box envelope to house Santa's Christmas cookie, a coaster for Santa's tipple. Now, this could be a glass of milk, but if you are a naughty parent like me I tell my little girl that Santa actually prefers 'Baileys' as it helps keep him warm. Eek! And there is a little gift tag especially designed for Rudolph which comes with a luxury velvet ribbon to tie to his carrot.

My little girl can't wait to leave all of this out for Santa on Christmas Eve. And Mummy is looking forward to a nice glass of Baileys :)

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