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Binge-watching Bake-Off!

My little girl hasn’t been well for the majority of this week so my working week went out of the window for a few days whilst I looked after her.

Whenever I have a break from work, like weekends, I always have lots of ideas which I scribble down in one of my MANY notebooks. Love a notebook! When Monday comes around I want to start developing those ideas, but when I can’t, it’s a little frustrating.

But my little one comes first.

When she was well enough to get out of bed we snuggled on the sofa together. She loves the Great British Bake-Off, so we binged-watched Bake-Off whilst I balanced laptop on my knee to try and do some work.

We love Bake-Off in our house. It’s such a lovely programme to chill-out to. Everything is right with the world when we watch Bake-Off. The setting is beautiful, there is humour and we can feast our eyes upon scrummy cakes, breads, tarts and pastries. What is not to love!?

The only stress is if a cake will rise, if it tastes amazing or if Paul will give out one of his special handshakes. You can switch off from everything else, enjoy a cuppa and get lots of inspiration for your own baking.

And I know most of us are on diets, counting calories or trying to be good, but let’s face it – life is short, eat the cake! (Then maybe go for a little run).

My new personalised cake topper decorations are perfect for adding a bit of fun to your cakes. There is even a star baker set as a nod to Bake-Off.

The cake toppers come in the following themes:

· Children’s Birthdays

· Big Age Birthdays

· Easter

· Star Baker

· Wedding Anniversary

· Mother’s Day

· Father’s Day

· Retirement

All available here. Happy Baking!

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