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Bunting, Balloons & Baking!

Happy Monday! My little one is growing up fast. It’s her 9th Birthday today. So this weekend has been filled with bunting, balloons and baking! (And maybe a little wine for Mummy).

My daughter is Coeliac (gluten intolerant), so all of my baking and tea party goodies are gluten free (GF). Baking gluten free takes some practice and even after four years (after being diagnosed) I still have many baking disasters. Gluten free ingredients and foods are very expensive so if you don’t get good results it can be very frustrating! I’ve been found on many occasion shouting at the oven when I’ve pulled out another gluten free baking disaster.

It’s still quite difficult to buy GF Birthday cakes (without spending a fortune on a bespoke cake), so I always make my own. I start with a GF Victoria sponge cake and then decorate it in a different theme each year. This year I wanted to create a sweetie cake and try out one of my new products - personalised cake toppers. (Available on my website soon). Please follow Cosy Room Designs on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for new product updates. Or you can follow this Blog for product updates and little stories from my life in the Suffolk countryside.

I'll share with you the recipe for the cake featured in the photo above. I'm nice like that :)

Excuse the quality of the main photo, I took this in a rush as I was about to light the candle and sing Happy Birthday to my little one. But as I wanted to share this with you lovely peeps I needed to take a quick snap!

Yummy GF Victoria Sponge cake (super easy)

What you’ll need:

2 x 20cm cake tins (lined & greased)

Greaseproof paper (for lining tins)

3 eggs (weighed)

130g approx' GF self-raising flour (same weight as eggs)

130g approx' margarine, (same weight as eggs)

130g approx' caster sugar (same weight as eggs)

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 tbsp jam (raspberry or strawberry)

300mls Fresh double cream (whipped)*

*You may not require all of the cream – just depends on how much you like cream and how deep you want your cake to be!

To make the cake:

1. Pre-heat oven to 170C/Gas mark 3

2. Grease and line both baking tins. Flour the edges of the tins after greasing.

3. Weigh your eggs (without shells).

4. Measure exactly the same weight in GF self-raising flour, caster sugar and margarine (margarine makes a lighter sponge than when using butter).

5. Put all ingredients in a large bowl and add the vanilla extract.

6. Mix together on a medium speed until there aren’t any lumpy bits and it’s a lovely creamy consistency.

7. Divide mixture between the two tins.

8. Bake in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown. You can always do a quick test with a cocktail stick to make sure it's cooked in the middle.

9. Take the sponges out of tins, peel off greaseproof paper and allow to cool on a cooling rack.

10. Once sponges are cooled, whip the double cream.

11. Spread the jam on one of the sponges. Add the whipped cream and then add the second layer of sponge on top.

12. You can then simply sieve icing sugar on the top, or ice it and add your toppings of your choice. I went sweetie-tastic for my daughter's Birthday cake. You can of course decorate using butter cream, but I'm personally not a fan of the stuff.

13. As chief baker you’re allowed to taste test a slice with a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Birthday cake done, it’s now time for bunting and balloons. Although I’ll have to enlist the help of Mr G with the balloons as I cannot blow balloons up for love nor money! Epic fail when preparing for a party! Hope you're all having a lovely fun-filled Monday.

Chat soon xx

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