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Confessions of a range-oven owner

The nights have started drawing in, summer dresses have been packed away in favour of chunky jumpers and woolly socks and the log burner has been lit in the evenings. Yes, it's that time of year when those of us who have a range-style oven in our kitchen, whether it's an Aga, Rayburn or other brand, wonder if we'll actually use it to cook on this winter?

We have lived here in our cottage in the Suffolk countryside for just over a year and I confess, I still haven't used the Rayburn for cooking on! It sits in our kitchen looking all lovely and countrysidey (another one of my made-up words) and I haven't even as much as boiled a kettle on it or baked a potato in it. (Hangs head in shame).

Although I haven't used it as an oven, it does have many other uses. As well as providing our heat and hot water, it's fabulous for drying washing - especially bedding as I can just hang it on the old-fashioned dryer thingy (technical term) that hangs above it from the ceiling. It's perfect for warming wellies before going on a country walk and it dries my tea-towels at lightening speed. Yes, really! But most importantly (in my opinion) it's aesthetically pleasing from an interior design perspective. Looks truly beautiful when I've hung Christmas fairy lights on the beam above it! So well worth having it, I say!

So, come on confess - I know I'm not the only one who doesn't use their range-oven to actually cook on. Do you rev it up once a year to cook a truly country Christmas dinner? Is it a really big hot water bottle for your pet dog or cats? Or like me, it looks pretty but you've no idea how to use it?

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