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Dipped my tassel in my tea!

Good morning! And Happy New Year! Although it's probably a little too late to wish you a happy new year when it's already the 12th January 2018. How has your first proper week back to work/school been? It has felt like the longest week ever for us. Getting back into a routine after the Christmas break has been a struggle, so very glad it's Friday today.

I no longer have a long commute to work. In fact it's just 42 steps from my back door. (I counted them this morning). But it is a bit of a juggling act as I always seem to have so much to carry. I have a huge French basket which has my laptop, pencil case, many notebooks, diary, proof print-outs, bits of fabric and other random items that I'm working with to develop new products.

I also have a very large mug of tea and two huge bunches of keys. Quite why we have so many keys is beyond me. I look like a prison officer. When I get to my office it's always a bit of a faff with various keys, locks and doors and I nearly always end up either dropping something, spilling my tea or like this morning, I dipped my tassel in my tea. I now have one soggy keyring.

Well I'd better get on, as I need to finalise some lovely new cards and gifts for Valentine's Day, which will be on my website next week. I love Valentine's Day. I know some people say it's all so commercialised, but out of the many holidays, events and special days there are scattered throughout the year, Valentine's is one of my favs. So nice to see and hear about love. In today's world I don't think there is anything wrong with spreading a little love and dedicating a special day to say those three little words. Let's embrace it and show those we love just how much we care on February 14th.

Have a lovely weekend xx

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