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Five minute tea break - Neptune

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

My favourite interiors shop is Neptune and I try to pop into my local branch in #BuryStEdmunds every time I’m in the area. I LOVE it! The shop itself has a lovely feel to it. (If I was posh, I’d say “ambience”). Neptune inspires me to start planning new interior décor projects as soon as I get back home.

The shop is arranged into different room settings so you can get a real feel for the overall look of a specific room. They are so inviting that I often want to plonk myself down on one of their comfy sofas and read my book.

There is real attention to detail with the home accessories too. They are stylishly displayed in a way that enables you to visualise them in your own home. Whether that's on a shelf in your kitchen, lounge, laundry or boot room! There is something beautiful for every room of your home.

The overall colour scheme is a beautiful range of neutrals (many shades of white, grey and stone) with complimentary accent colours. The decorative items are gorgeous - they add texture, interest and, oh, just pure loveliness to every room!

Neptune also has their own paint collection, made up of a gorgeous palette of colours which work together beautifully. This really helps when planning your new room at home. So, for your next home project, visit your nearest #Neptune store for inspiration and advice. I promise, you won’t be disappointed and if you are anything like me, you won’t want to leave the shop! (This isn't a paid advert. This is just me sharing my personal view of my favourite shop).

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