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Five minute tea break - Scented Candles

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I listened to the lovely #ChrisEvans chatting to the fabulous #JoMalone on #VirginRadio this morning. Jo shared a gem of a tip about how to properly burn #scentedcandles. If you're like me, you only burn posh scented candles on very special occasions and in order to make them last longer only burn them for short bursts at a time. Well peeps, we're doing it all wrong! Jo explained that you must burn a scented candle for at least one and a half hours in order to get the most from the scent. And you must trim the top of the wick too, so it's not all 'fluffy' (technical term). Scented candles don't last forever either, so stop keeping them for special occasions, run a bubble bath, light the candle and enjoy! xx



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