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Half-term holiday fun

It's almost the half term holidays and the thought of juggling work and keeping my little one entertained is already playing on my mind. Yes, I can get up early and do a few bits before my daughter wakes up and I can of course work in the evenings after she has gone to bed, but there is still work to be done during the daytime.

It's tough being a working Mum, but I know after spending most of my working life commuting into London I am very lucky now I am able to work from home. As I can be flexible with my time, I will be able to have some fun with my little one and spend that important quality time with her whilst she still wants to. Come the teenage years I will probably be begging her to leave her bedroom and come and spend some time with her Mum!

Over the dreaded six week summer holidays I wanted to be fully prepared to have activities ready for my little girl for when I had to work. One idea I had was to create a photograph treasure hunt. I went around our home and garden with my phone and took snap shots of all sorts of things. Close-up shots, so it makes it a little more interesting, so she really had to look to find everything. The last photograph was of our outside bell which she had to ring when she had finished so she could collect her prize. This kept her busy for ages, so she was happy and I was able to do some work. Win-win! Happy half-term everyone.

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