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It's a wrap!

Yesterday I felt like one of Santa's elves as I was very busy wrapping Christmas presents in my luxury range of Christmas gift wrap. The 'presents' were actually all sorts of items from around my office and house as the 'presents' are for my product photoshoot. It will truly feel like Christmas when I come to unwrap them again.

I purchased a lovely vintage wooden sledge back in the summer (serious forward planning) which I intend to give some TLC so I can use it in my Christmas product photography. Don't get me wrong, I love it's rustic charm, but I think it requires just a little make-over to make it photo-ready! (I know how it feels). Here is the 'before' shot and I'll share the big reveal after his (yes, it's a he) make-over.

If like me, you like to have a theme for your Christmas wrapping (who doesn't) then my luxury wrapping paper will help you out, as I have a range of themes from our cute robins (Ralph and Rosie), striking stars and Christmas trees to pretty snow and mistletoe patterns all in a range of colours.

The sets comprise of two sheets of wrap and two coordinating tags and will be in my Christmas section of my shop very soon. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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