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Loft conversion

For the past few weeks Mr G and I have gone to sleep to the sounds of Tom scratching around in the loft. Tom (yes we've named him) is a little mouse who has made a home in our roof. From the noise he makes he has been doing some serious renovations whilst wearing hob-nail boots! By now he must have a luxury loft apartment complete with an en-suite bathroom, games room and balcony!

Poor Mr G has been crawling around in the roof space (which isn't very high) placing traps (humane) every few days. By now the roof is totally booby-trapped, but each night we are woken several times by Tom running around oblivious to the various devices there to catch him. The other night was particularly noisy so I'm guessing he had a house-warming party.

So yesterday we stepped it up a level and brought out our secret weapon - Nutella chocolate spread! Apparently mice go nuts for this stuff. Fair enough, it is very yummy - especially on toast. OK, sorry I've gone off track.

Last night we went to sleep with the usual noise of Tom running around, moving furniture and I do believe he may also have taken up tap-dancing! This carried on all through the night and it was so loud that first thing this morning Mr G got the ladder and was up in the loft to survey the damage.

It seems Tom is a chocoholic and couldn't resist the Nutella and got himself caught in a trap and the noise was him trying to escape. Bless him. G brought him down and he is just the cutest little thing. We let him out in the field so hopefully he will make a new home out there somewhere.

I'm looking forward to going to sleep tonight without Tom keeping us awake, but I do hope he manages to build a luxury home for himself complete with hot tub which he can enjoy under the starry sky.

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