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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

One of the aspects of my small business that I’m really passionate about is creating beautiful products out of material that has been essentially ‘scrapped’. I use reclaimed wood for my signs, and when we first bring it home it’s usually in a very shabby state. But thankfully my husband is good with power tools and he removes all the unwanted nails etc, cuts the wood to size and sands it smooth for me. I’m not to be trusted with power tools!

Hubby leaves the piles of prepped wood in my studio for me, ready to transform them into home accessories. It’s here where I hand paint my designs onto the wood and finish them with hanging wire and ribbon, so they look pretty for your home.

When I run out of wood I usually leave a little post-it note on the door to my husbands workshop with my order on it. I like to keep him busy!

I love the fact that each sign is unique due to the nature of the wood. And the finished product looks a million miles away from the wood we start with. It’s a long process, but I really enjoy it.

At busy times I often get my family involved. This Christmas has been very busy, so weekends have found us all in my office busily working away whilst listening to Christmas tunes and singing our heads off!

Next year sees me extending my studio into hubby's workshop. So that will keep him busy for a few weekends! And I get a lot more storage space and more space to work which will be fabulous. I have lots more product ideas I want to try next year, so having more space will really help this process.

So here's to a new year and exciting new projects!

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