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Never-ending to-do list!

Happy Friday! Isn't today supposed to be for winding down? Shelving tasks that you can't face on a Friday to Monday's to-do list?

I've always got a list on the go. Actually, make that several lists! I have my work list - tasks for the day and planning for future products and ideas. I have a general 'day' list which has all sorts of stuff that I have to remember to do for school, or a mini shopping list, clean out hamster cage etc.

We have friends coming this weekend so although I clean the house all the time, when we have visitors I CLEEEEAN rather than clean. So that's also on my list for later. With my little one being poorly for the majority of this week I'm seriously behind on ALL lists!

This morning I've sorted little one out for school, made packed lunch, told her to eat brekkie a million times, to brush her teeth, to get dressed etc. I've done her hair and even remembered that on Fridays she likes to wear a bow in her hair. But when I checked she said "not today". Seriously!?

I've cleaned a bathroom, run through spellings with little one. Did a quick inspection of the inside of fridge for inspiration for dinner (didn't work). Emptied the dishwasher, sorted a cake recipe for visitors (yet to be baked, but on the list), boiled eggs for lunch, checked emails, quick look on FB and Instagram, wrote my work list, sorted new products that need to be photographed today (lots of faffing) and then squeezed in a 20 min The Body Coach dumbbell workout all before the school run!

Oh and I had to try and calm my breathing first thing as my stupid asthma had decided to kick off. Haven't got time for non-breathing malarky today!!! Winding down on a Friday?

So on that note I'd better crack on with at least one of my lists. Does anyone complete a task and if it's not on your list, do you add it just so you can cross it off? Or is that just me!?

Hope your Friday is a a little less busy than mine lovelies.

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