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So Autumn started today

We woke up this morning to a lovely crisp and sunny autumnal day with frost on the cars. It amazes me how quickly the seasons can change. As much as I love summer and we have been very lucky this year with the long, hot months, but Autumn has it's own charm. The colours changes in nature, the longer nights and dare I say it, the run up to Christmas. Eek!

Autumn is also the perfect season for adopting the 'hygge' lifestyle and making the most of hunkering down at home and enjoying the season. Creating a cosy home is one of the important elements of 'hygge' and one of my favourite things to do. Lighting is key to creating a cosy atmosphere. I have always included lots of table lamps in my home to create soft lighting and teeny tiny LED fairy lights on the beams in my kitchen and bedroom. Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas! Candles are also perfect for creating a lovely soft glow. Group candles together to create a beautiful display. The White Company have a gorgeous range of scented candles. I have the large White Winter candle which I save just for the Christmas period.

As friends and family will know, I always have throws on my sofas, because even in the warmer months, it's can sometimes turn a bit chilly in the evenings. In Autumn and Winter I get the serious blankets out, the really chunky ones which look fab draped over the arms of a sofa or rolled up in a basket by the fireplace. Find similar chunky blankets here at Wool Art Design.

OK I have a confession to make - I am obsessed with mugs and cups. I'm addicted to buying them wherever I go and in all honesty I am running out of storage space. I just love all the different shapes and sizes. And they have to sit just right in my hands. I even have different mugs for different drinks. I drink my first coffee in the mornings in a small, squat, irregular shaped mug. I have my builders tea in a big mug and I drink my green and fruit teas out of my large Susie Watson teacups. Ridiculous isn't it, but the drinks taste better this way. After an autumnal walk collecting conkers or blackberries (my freezer is full) a mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on the top is perfect. It's the winter months, so we no longer have to worry about getting bikini-ready, we can treat ourselves to a soothing and indulgent hot chocolate.

Enjoy creating some 'hygge' moments this Autumn and appreciate the simple things during this beautiful season.

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