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Summer with a little 'Hygge'

It’s easy to assume that ‘hygge’ is associated with the winter months, as it conjures up images of log fires, mugs of hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets. This is true, but

a ‘hygge’ way of life can also be enjoyed throughout the summer months too.

We have been so lucky this year in the UK already, with the weather being so beautiful, allowing us to spend much more time outside. With the summer holidays fast approaching

I thought I’d share some ideas on how to adopt the ‘hygge’ lifestyle whilst enjoying your summer.

Hygge’ is all about enjoying the simple things in life, taking time out and appreciating what we have. Giving yourself, family and friends some much needed TLC and putting your wellbeing first.

You don’t need excess cash to enjoy a more ‘hygge’ lifestyle; a lot of these ideas are just being in the moment; enjoying simple pleasures and activities and just being with the people you love. Awww.

I hope you manage to fit a few of these 'hygge' ideas (below) into your summer:

  • Making the most of the balmy, summer evenings by sitting outside instead of in front of the telly. Read a book, drink some nice wine with friends, create an outdoor cinema in your garden, or snuggle up with your favourite person and just relax.

  • Have fun with your children in the garden and away from technology. Build a den or tent big enough for adults to enjoy too!

  • Eat outside. Light candles and lanterns to create a lovely atmosphere and enjoy delicious homemade food. If it gets chilly later on, snuggle under a blanket and wait for the stars to appear.

  • Enjoy summer flowers and your garden.

  • Go for a walk along the coast or in the countryside.

  • Visit the beach and breathe in the sea air. Take a picnic or treat yourself to fish and chips to eat on the beach. Stay until the evening and sit listening to the waves breaking on the beach.

  • Go on a bike ride. Take a picnic or stop for ice cream.

  • Take time out to enjoy a book. Instead of reading a couple of pages before bed, allow yourself time to really get into it.

  • Indulge in a slow and relaxed breakfast outside in the morning sunshine. Savour your coffee and read the papers or a magazine.

  • Enjoy a long and lazy lunch with friends at the weekends.

  • Bring the board games outside to play with your children.

  • Freshen up your interior décor with a summer colour palette, lightweight throws, white accessories and voile curtains that let the summer breeze in.

  • Eat fresh foods, including lots of fresh fruit and drink refreshing flavoured water.

  • Create an outdoor cuddle space for you and your loved one, to enjoy in the evenings when the day has cooled and you can snuggle whilst reading, listening to music or just enjoying the moment.

I hope you all have a happy and relaxing summer and can enjoy little bits of ‘hygge’ throughout xx

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