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Unlucky for some

Have you ‘touched wood’ for luck this morning? Maybe you’ve crossed your fingers or perhaps you’ve been on your hands and knees searching your garden for a four-leaf clover? Yes lovelies it’s Friday 13th!!! Eek!

Lots of us believe we are unlucky. If there is a chance something will go wrong, it usually does. You’ve been doing the lottery for years and haven’t even won a tenner!

You spend a day at the races and your horse turns out to be a donkey (although to be fair, donkey’s are far cuter than horses). At some point in our lives I bet we’ve all said we’re unlucky.

13 is supposed to be an unlucky number and many of us still believe in various superstitions like this. There are hotels that don’t have a floor 13. They skip from 12 to 14, all because of a superstition. Personally, I don’t walk under ladders and I do touch wood for luck and I don’t open an umbrella in the house. Unless you have a major plumbing disaster going on in an upstairs bathroom, why would you put up an umbrella in your house anyway?

Whether we believe in luck or not, it’s always nice to wish someone good luck when they’ve got a particular task or situation to get through. It shows we care, wish them well and will be thinking of them.

So today peeps I’m wearing my lucky pants just for you, to bring you all lots of luck on this Friday 13 April 2018. I have to be honest, they’re not the most comfy pair of pants but I’ll make this sacrifice just for you.

Have a lucky day lovelies xx

Click here if you’re interested in the history behind Friday 13th.

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