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Who has the key to your heart?

'Key to my heart' personalised keepsake available in my shop

It's less than a month to Valentine's Day! No sooner have we taken down the Christmas decorations that another celebration is upon us. Valentine's Day is one of my favs. I love seeing shop windows full of foil heart-shaped balloons, and lots of red decorative items.

The florists are bursting with dozens and dozens of beautiful red roses, although to be honest I prefer soft cream and pink ones. But I wouldn't turn down a bouquet of red roses. Obviously!

And then there is the excitement of receiving a card in the post, or a bunch of flowers delivered to you at work, or your hubby, wife or partner waking you with a breakfast tray laid with fresh coffee, croissant and a little posey flowers. Well I can dream...

I love having a day dedicated to love and saying those three little words. Or perhaps you're not quite at that stage yet, but want to make someone know they are special to you. Whatever stage you are at with love I have a lovely card for you. From a cute little 'You are my cherry on the top' to a personalised card for the one you love with secret message love tokens. They are all in the 'Valentines' section of my shop.

Come on, let's celebrate love and send a card to that special someone.

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