A fun alternative advent calendar for children, to add that extra special touch to a traditional Christmas activity. Presented in a personalised white gift box. Each day has a Christmas themed message or activity for children to carry out in the countdown to Christmas. A perfect gift for your little ones and an easy way to keep them entertained in the Christmas holidays.

The inserts can be placed inside any of the sleeves, so you can decide on the order. As each card is opened, they can be hung on the ribbon to create a lovely Christmas display in your home. 

- 24 pre-folded sleeves designed with a pretty festive wreath and numbered 1 to 24.
- 24 designed message cards to slip into the sleeves and pegged onto the ribbon provided.
- 12 mini wooden pegs and a length of ribbon.



*Please provide the FIRST NAME OF THE RECIPIENT for the personalised gift box* 


Ribbon colour:
- Red


- Sleeves: 70mm x 70mm
- Inserts 68mm x 68mm
- Ribbon length: 800mm


24 pre-printed card inserts:

You will receive 24 cards pre-printed with the following messages / activities:

-  Read your favourite Christmas story
-  Give everyoneChristmas cuddles all day
-  Make a snow man (use cotton wool if it hasn’t snowed)
-  Make a ‘I’ve been good’ sign
-  Make a musical instrument
-  Dress up in lots of tinsel
-  Draw a picture of your Christmas wish
-  Help to decorate the Christmas tree
-  Make a ‘Santa stop here’ sign
-  Put up a Christmas decoration in your bedroom
-  Act out your own pantomime for your family
-  Put a treat out for Santa - he’s on his way
-  Time to hang up your Christmas stocking
-  Do something creative with glitter
-  Sing Christmas carols at the top of your voice
-  Dance to your favourite Christmas songs
-  Make a Christmas garland
-  Make a Christmas tree decoration
-  Watch a Christmas film
-  Do something to put you on Santa’s nice list
-  Make your own Santa’s grotto den
-  Design your own special Christmas card
-  Bake & decorate Christmas cookies
-  Write your letter to Santa




Envelopes and message cards are made from quality 300gsm card

Doing our bit for our little planet - stock is FSC and EU Eco label.

Beautifully pacakged and posted First Class by Royal Mail.

Kids alternative Christmas advent calendar - personalised