We all know that the countdown to Christmas can sometimes be hectic and stressful. So why not treat yourself or a loved one with a beautiful alternative advent calendar to add that extra special touch to a traditional Christmas activity.

Presented in a personalised white gift box. Each day has a hygge / wellbeing themed message or activity for you in the countdown to Christmas. A perfect gift for the one you love or for a friend.

On the front of each envelope is a word that is linked to the message inside.

As each card is opened, they can be hung on the ribbon to create a lovely Christmas display in your home. 

- 24 pre-folded sleeves numbered 1 to 24.
- 24 designed message cards to slip into the sleeves and pegged onto the ribbon provided.
- 12 mini wooden pegs and a length of silver ribbon.



*Please provide the FIRST NAME OF THE RECIPIENT for the personalised gift box* 


- Sleeves: 70mm x 70mm
- Inserts 68mm x 68mm
- Ribbon length: 1000mm


24 pre-printed card inserts:

You will receive 24 cards pre-printed with the following messages / activities:

  • Let’s begin with a smile. Do something that makes you grin from ear to ear. Even if it’s just remembering something that once made you smile.
  • Indulge in comfort food. Invite friends round for dinner, or simply snuggle up on the sofa with your special someone and enjoy a sofa picnic in front of the fire.
  • When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably? Arrange to meet up with friends or family who you know you always have fun with.
  • Busy day? Relax in comfy clothes. Make a soothing drink, read your book or snuggle up with your favourite human (or pet).
  • Invite friends and family round for a catch up over the festive period. Good food, wine and candles make the perfect setting.
  • The run-up to Christmas can be hectic. Take five minutes to just breathe. Be in the moment and concentrate on breathing slowly in and out.
  • On a chilly evening, light the fire and snuggle under a blanket to watch your favourite Christmas film.
  • Home Sweet Home. Make it super inviting and cosy this winter. Add a few twinkle lights, and light candles. Fill with friends, family, love and laughter.
  • Grab your wellies, wrap up warm and go for a walk. Discover nature or interesting architecture in your area. Fresh air and exercise are important for physical and mental wellbeing.
  • What makes you happy? Take time out of your busy day to do something that gives you little bubbles of happiness in your tummy.
  • Be in the moment. Turn off technology and gadgets. Enjoy what you have around you – family, friends, a warm meal, cosy socks. Simple things.
  • Create a cosy corner with blankets, cushions and your favourite scented candle. Pour your Christmas tipple or cuppa and get cosy.
  • Do something that brings you comfort. Being around your family, a mug of tea, enjoying a meal with friends or simply enjoying the warmth from the fire.
  • Try something new today. Doesn’t have to be big or bold, just give something a go. You may find you’re good at it, you enjoy it or stumble across somewhere new if you take a different path.
  • Wake up early one morning. Begin your day by taking a few minutes by yourself to appreciate this new day and what you want to achieve today.
  • 16. Turn the Christmas music up and dance your little socks off! Dance in your lounge, kitchen or bedroom. A fun way to exercise and to release those happy endorphins.
  • 17. Embrace the season and plan a shopping trip with family, a meet up with friends or bake Christmas cookies for gifts. Recipe ideas at www.cosyroomdesigns.com/blog
  • Be kind to a stranger or your neighbour today. A lot of people can feel lonely at this time of year. A simple hello could make all the difference to their day.
  • It’s Christmas – believe in the magic! Create your own magical space with lots of twinkle lights and candles.
  • Embrace the holidays. Do something creative or crafty! Try a Christmas craft that can be given as a gift.
  • It’s the holiday season, full of fun and celebration. Try to include little hygge aspects – add twinkle lights, display flowers, share food and gather with friends and family.
  • Sleep is important. Create a cosy and inviting bedroom. Add blankets and more cushions. Light candles for a soft glow and remove technology. Sweet dreams.
  • Add an aspect of hygge to one of your everyday activities. Light a candle at the dinner table, add a cosy blanket to your sofa, leave a surprise handwritten note for a loved one to find.
  • Be welcoming. Whether it’s visitors to your home, a new way of thinking, your loved-one back home from work, or even Santa down the chimney. Remember to leave a mince pie!




Envelopes and message cards are made from quality 300gsm card

Doing our bit for our little planet - stock is FSC and EU Eco label.

Beautifully pacakged and posted First Class by Royal Mail.

Personalised Hygge / wellbeing advent calendar

Accent colour